Spongetta's world! : visit the tall cool one and take a walk on the wild side!
Teen Testimony Project : Peer to peer councelling for teens in trouble
Main Street Baptist : My church
Central New York Youth For Christ : a great youth oriented ministry
Abstinence Education Council : another great youth oriented ministry
Audiosears Corporation : My place of employment
ASKO Corporation : Also my place of employment
KMS Plastics : Also my place of employment
Bearly Visible Bears : Lori's little handmade bears
Turtle's Web : a friend of mine who creates strikingly excellent web pages
BionicDuck : another friend who creates, well, interesting pages

Calvin and Hobbes!

The Ultimate VeggieTales Site!

Chienworks* : My web server
The Electric Park : some fun things to do in my part of the 'net
The Chienworks* CardShop : Send fun electronic greeting cards to your friends
Chienworks* Chat! : My chatroom
Chienworks* Forum! : User forums
ASCII codes : Internet Character Codes (extended ASCII)
Spudley Fries : The 1998 Spudley French Fry Critique
Lunch Bunch : The Sunday Afternoon Lunch Bunch strikes again with their finest artistic talent
eggLatin : the UnOfficial eggLatin website
The Ersatz Dictionary : ummmm .... i guess you'd better just check it out for yourself
The Unscientific Method : everything you really didn't want to know about bread mold

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