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Rhoco PM Nilrem group
Rhoco, PM, Nilrem, Group shots

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Hmmmmm, you all click on Rhoco, and that's great! But the other cats are lonely too, you know. They would just love to have you visit them as well. And, hey, if you visit, you can find out how to send them eMail. They would really enjoy getting letters from all of you. So come on! Click one of the cats and make them happy :-)
Emmy Lou
Emmy's photo album

Emmy Lou
1988 - 1999

Emmy died peacefully in her sleep shortly after midnight on February 5th, 1999. She was almost 11 years old and it was her time to go. She was a very sweet, gentle, and loving cat and she will be sorely missed. A dear friend of mine reminded me, though, that she is now up in heaven curled up on my bed keeping it warm for me.

I love you Emmy! Until we meet again, -

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