The Spudley French Fry Critique
What indeed is life
some spudley looking french fries! without spuds? And what better form for those spuds than french fries? That a man should live and die without consuming this fantabulous morsel is surely the greatest sorrow of them all. Brimming with salt and fat (ie. flavor), this dearly delectable dish of delightfully delicious dainties must outweigh all other contributions to the very hearts, tables and breadbaskets of mankind. Waxing poetic (if I may), I should perchance compare them to the very fruit of the earth itself. Existing in a variety of forms, sticks & curls, slices & slabs, this comestible is verily a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Slip on some comfortable shoes and cleanse your palatte as you venture forth with us to explore the world of french fried spuds!

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