Hey folks! Here's some helpful hints about hoaxes and forwarding email.

Just thought you might like some helpful hints on how to identify hoaxes and other useless eMail that comes your way. Please trash and ignore any eMails like these (your friends will be happier ;-) :

Also keep in mind that even the real heart-breaking pleas to pray for some poor child (unless you know the original writer of the eMail, not just the last person who forwarded it on to you) have probably already been seen by most of the people you know and are just as likely to be pranks as to be honest.

Now, if you decide that you simply must send that forward anyway, here's some etiquette notes to keep in mind:

Anyway ... now that i've talked your ear off, i'll let you get back to whatever you were doing. Thank you for being such a polite and patient audience!

Remember ... this is IMPORTANT stuff! Forward this letter to EVERYONE on your mailing list!!! You'll receive 172 cameras and a schnauzer for every 300 people you forward this to!!!!! Remember, little Billy's tonsils depend on this letter reaching as many people as possible!!!!!!!

Or maybe not.

- Kelly            

Some sites with information on hoaxes:

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